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21 October 2011 / M

June trip: Minneapolis/St. Paul

In June I went to the US for a bit more than two weeks. The main purpose of the trip was to attend a family reunion in Oklahoma, but since I didn’t want to go all that way and only see tiny, rural towns and a lot of family I barely know, I looked into additional places I could visit. In the end, the trip contained two other parts: a visit to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, to see a college friend I hadn’t seen in 8 years, and a stay in Austin, Texas, which I was just interested in seeing. The photos below are from the first part in Minnesota. The full set of photos are here.


I’d had stopovers in Minneapolis once or twice in the past, but I didn’t know until rather recently that one of my college friends, M, had moved to the area. It wasn’t hard to fly there, so I stayed with her, her husband, and her various pets in their cozy house in St. Paul. The 4- (and 3-) legged inhabitants:

Dog my friends were dogsittingNacoma
Not technically M’s dog, but they were dogsitting him the first couple of days I was there. I was sad when he had to go back to his owner’s house; he was such a sweet boy.


M’s energetic, mischievous, sweet, 3-legged dog


Whiskey hanging outWhiskey in one of her favorite poses


Massively fluffy and incredibly friendly


She has a second cat too, Caspian, but he was less people-friendly and usually hid out in the basement, thus I didn’t get a photo of him.


Mags and meM and me
This was taken from the top of a bluff in the city of Red Wing. The stranger who took our photo took 3 shots and my eyes were closed in all of them. Oh well, at least M looks normal.


Views from Red Wing bluffView of the Mississippi River from the Red Wing bluff


I was surprised to learn that the Mississippi ran through Minneapolis and St. Paul. It just didn’t connect with my idea of the river as belonging to the South. But such a long river has to start somewhere.

One day I went to downtown Minneapolis and took a walk along the river. There is an area with some of the old mills that once thrived there. I didn’t realize that companies like Pillsbury and Gold Medal Flour started in Minneapolis.

Stone Arch BridgeStone Arch Bridge
A former railroad bridge now in use by cyclists and pedestrians. It is right next to the old mill area, as well as next to a large lock on the river.


Old Gold Medal Flour millGold Medal Flour mill
Part was destroyed by a fire. Now it houses a museum dedicated to the history of the mills.


Grave of Thomas E. Burnett JrM took me to a national cemetery where Tom Burnett is buried, one of the people who helped bring down flight 93 on September 11.


Willow Creek


Willow CreekMy friend and her husband are passionate rock climbers. One of their favorite spots, aside from the Red Wing bluff, is Willow Creek, just across the border in Wisconsin. We drove there one day to enjoy the park and the water. Quite a few people were also climbing the cliffs next to the falls.


St Paul skylineSt. Paul skyline and the Mississippi River


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