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6 March 2012 / M

Photo Sunday: Fall in Leiden

Well, ok, Photo Tuesday… I’ve not been posting regularly on Sunday for the last few weeks, so I can cheat and not actually post on Sunday. In this post: photos from two sunny days last fall.

Leidse Hout swingsSwinging B


Leidse Hout TheehuisA very empty, quiet Leidse Hout Theehuis with…


Bunny on the theehuis roof…a bunny on the roof! He wasn’t supposed to be up there and we got to watch four people running around for 10-15 minutes trying to catch him.


Fall day along the SingelAlong the Singel


Tijdloos wedding window displayVintage wedding dress displayed in the window of the shop Tijdloos. They always have wonderful, classy window displays.


Hartebrugkerk/CoeliekerkHartebrugkerk/Coeliekerk with an amazingly blue sky


Birdcage in Plantsoen parkIn the Plantsoen park along the Singel there are a couple of large birdcages. Some photos of the birds there…


Birdcage in Plantsoen park


Birdcage in Plantsoen park


Sunset along the SingelSetting sun



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  1. foldedcranes / Aug 1 2012 18:26

    Wow, never seen the Leidse Hout Teehuis so deserted! Have you been there, out of interest? It’s usually packed to overflowing when we go past, that we’ve never been, but I remain curious! The final shot on this post is really beautiful!

  2. M / Aug 2 2012 10:56

    I have had lunch or a drink at the Theehuis quite a few times. I used to live much nearer to the Leidse Hout and would head over occasionally. It definitely is popular, especially on nice days, but I’ve been lucky to find a table outside many times and once or twice I’ve sat inside (which can get very cramped). It’s a nice spot and on Sundays they have live music. It was so empty in the photo above because they’d closed and the staff were just cleaning up.

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