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17 April 2012 / M

Adventures in Austin

During our trip to Austin we ended up having a day of quirk visiting the toy store, Toy Joy, and the backyard trash creation, the Cathedral of Junk. Below are a few photos from each (more toys here and more junk here).

Toy Joy Drive-In with toy carsCreative Toy Joy toy car drive-in


Have a baby showerBaby shower catapult (helpfully notes that real babies should not be catapulted or thrown)


In one corner of the shop there were 2 or 3 stacks of display bins of little plastic toys and keychains. Instead of just having price tags, they had taped silly, witty drawings (likely drawn by bored employees) onto the bins to describe the contents. Some of my favorite signs:

Pawns: Every villain needs 'em...


Baby dino rings


Sad Keanu is sad


Noah's Ark rejects


Rejected Disney princesses


Every time someone mentions Sex & the City, an animal is shrunk and plasticized


Fist-bump pandas


Things that wash their hands


We then headed out to the Cathedral of Junk, a backyard project that got out of hand and is still being built more than 20 years after it was started. Neighbors aren’t thrilled with it and the owner had to dismantle a large part of it a couple of years ago, but it is still here and a steady stream of visitors were dropping by while we were there. The photos don’t do justice to the sheer amount of things that the structure contains, but perhaps they give an idea.


Cathedral of Junk


Cathedral of JunkThe “throne” surrounded by a lot of crutches


Cathedral of JunkB climbing to the 2 level (there are 3 levels, and 2 main parts connected by a little bridge). I climbed up as well, but nearly killed myself when I lost my footing and was dangling on that blue rope for a few minutes. I blame trying to climb the ladder in a skirt.


Cathedral of Junk


Cathedral of JunkB on the 3rd level which I did not climb up to.


Cathedral of Junk


Cathedral of Junk


Cathedral of Junk


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